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DAV Department of Ohio

Veterans Organizations

DAV Headquarters
Disabled American Veterans National Headquarters (also available by clicking on the logo at the top of each page). All of the latest news about important issues of concern to veterans.

Take Action: DAV Can

Ohio Veterans Homes
Ohio Veterans Home Information about the Ohio Veterans Home located in Sandusky, Ohio.

Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve
Web site for the ESGR organization who assists active duty and veterans with employer issues and returning to work following military service.

Department of Labor, Veterans Employment and Training
Web site for the DOL-VETS with veterans employment and training material and other valuable and useful info.

A site that provides government benefit information to citizens to help them determine their potential eligibility. This site consolidates information about hundreds of federal assistance programs.

Medical Resources

Ohio VISN 10 Health Facilities
Check Ohio VA Health Care Centers.

VA Health Care Enrollment
Check VA Health Care Program, Benefits and Enrollment.

Center for Disease Control
The Center for Disease Control site, with many links to other medical sites. Large database of information on diseases, injuries, and disabilities.

National Library of Medicine
The National Library of Medicine, maintained in cooperation with the National Institute of Health. Many health-related links and retrievable documents.

The Merck Manual
Online version of The Merck Manual, complete with extensive tables. A definitive source of information about illness and diseases.

Legal Research Resources

Fedworld contains links to every federal government web site.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Current VA news releases and searchable database of regulations and directives. Many links to other government sites, VA regional offices, and veterans organizations.

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate
These sites contain information about congressional committees, legislation, and members of congress. Searchable U.S. Code and Code of Federal Regulations, plus links to other law and regulatory sites. Also see specific information about how to send email to your congressman or senator on theĀ Legislative page.

This is the definitive site for legislative matters. Thomas, named after Thomas Jefferson, and maintained by the Library of Congress, allows researchers to analyze pending legislation and voting records on bills. Provides the status of all bills pending in congress, committee reports, text of the congressional record, hearing transcripts, congressional schedules, and much more.

Social Security Administration
Useful for gaining access to information about Social Security benefits.

Department of Labor
Information about labor law, employment, trends, veterans preference, etc.

Miscellaneous Useful Sites

The sites listed here were chosen primarily because of their usefulness for travel or relocation. Military folks relocate a lot, and active members of veterans groups travel to numerous events, meetings and conventions. These sites will be of great assistance to fellow “road warriors!” Most cities have web sites now, so entering the city name as a keyword search in your browser will usually find the official site of the municipality in question. This can be a useful way to “visit” the city in advance and obtain information.

Renew vehicle plates on-line
Link to Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to renew license plates on-line.

This site’s “low fare search engine” is an exclusive, searching for the three lowest airfares available for your destination. In addition to finding deals among 700 airlines, 34,000 hotels and 50 car rental companies, when you find a price you like you can do the booking online.

Intellicast Weather
A superb weather site with clickable maps to get specific radar and satellite information. An excellent resource for determining travel forecasts.

Big Book Business Phone Book
Comprehensive collection of information about 11 million U.S. businesses. Lets you find specific services anywhere in the country, with nationwide street maps, third-party reviews, and customer ratings of businesses. A personal phone book can also be structured for easy access to numbers you frequently call.

Map Quest
Online mapping and routing, directions, and yellow page listings. Provides detailed point-to-point driving directions, including small maps for every turn to make along the route of your journey.

Similar in function to Big Book, but focusing on phone information. The site maintains 106 million residential listings and 11 million business listings.

U.S. Flag Folding
This site shows the proper way of folding the U.S. Flag as well as the meaning of each fold.

Military Sites

Defense Link
The Department of Defense main link to all branches of the military services, the office of the Defense Secretary, the Joint Chiefs, the Reserves, and defense theatres of command nationwide. This is a good place to start if researching defense-related topics.

Air Force


Coast Guard



Veterans Affairs

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